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     Joomla Sites


    These sites were made with Joomla. They have functionality that allows the site's owner to update and edit the site themselves if they wish.

    Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System) that can be scaled for a small business to large organizations. All Joomla sites require the use of a template to function. Don't let the idea of a cookie-cutter template site scare you! Any template can be customized. Colors and layout can be changed. Functionality can be added through different Joomla modules.  Think of Joomla like your iPhone. It's cool right out of the box, but even better when you start adding apps (or in the case of Joomla, extentions).

    Joomla is flexible and easy to use if you have someone to help. That's why I'm here!

    EU Cycle ImportsOptimum AthleteWexford Community Presbyterian ChurchZencranks

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     HTML Sites


    The sites listed in this category were created using basic HTML and CSS. There is no CMS (Content Management System) so the back end is not easily accessible by the site owner. Updates are generally not frequent, or are made with the assistance of BlueZuccini.

    ASM EnterprisesWexford Children's Center