Editing an Article

Most of the text that you see on your website will be saved as an article.  If you find a typo somewhere on your site, you should be able to correct it easily.

1. Log into the back-end of your site (see Getting Started)

2. Select the Article Manager icon:

Click Article Manager

Now you'll see the list of articles that make up your site content.  If you don't see anything, check out the row of drop-down menus that appear across the page (below).  Your content should be organized into different categories.  Use the drop-down menus to find your content.

You can't break anything by selecting different options here, so don't worry!

I usually find the "Select Category" menu to be the most helpful, but sometimes the search filter over on the left is helpful too.

Drop-Down Menu

3. Click on your article's title.

4. You should see an area of the page that looks like Word or Open Office (circled in red below).  Correcting information in this area will correct your live site, but only after you press the Save button in the upper-right area of the page.  When you're completely done editing this article, press Save & Close (otherwise, you'll be stuck on this page).

You don't have to press Save before pressing Save & Close.

Editing Area